Believe in Something Bigger Than Yourself


ABSTRACT: This millennium is bringing with it unprecedentedopportunities. Entrepreneurs can build businesses of global scale.Ecosystems of sharing, such as open source software, are outpacingother innovation models. Technology allows us to build sustainablemodern societies with large urban populations. For individuals, it isno longer about your background. It is about your integrity, vision,courage and tenacity - in believing in something bigger than yourself.




Mårten Gustaf Mickos (born November 6, 1962 in Espoo, Finland) was chief executive officer (CEO) of MySQL AB. He served as chief executive officer from January 2001 to February 2008, when Sun Microsystems bought MySQL Inc and MySQL AB. He served as senior vice president of the database group at Sun Microsystems until March 2009. In February 2008 he was announced as member of the board of Mozilla Messaging; in May 2009, he also joined the board of directors at RightScale. In September 2009 venture capital firmBenchmark Capital hired Mickos as their Entrepreneur In Residence. In March 2010, Mårten was named CEO of Eucalyptus Systems, the company behind the Eucalyptus open-source infrastructure for the implementation of cloud computing on computer clusters.

Mårten also was a co-founder and CEO of MatchON Sports Ltd. Previously, he was CEO ofSonera subsidiary Intellitel Communications Inc, and has held sales and marketing positions at Solid Information Technology Ltd and other growth-oriented software companies. Marten Mickos is also an angel investor in Enterprise 2.0 start-up Tradeshift.

Mickos has a Master's degree in Engineering from Helsinki University of Technology inFinland and has been rewarded with awards like the Audemars Piguet "Changing Times Award: European Entrepreneur of the Year 2006"and the Nokia Foundation Award.