Finding Hidden Structures: Keyword Queries in Relational Databases Meeting Room: Founder Building 421 方正大厦4楼421 Time: 10:00am-11:30am, March 14, 2011 Abstract: Relational database management systems (RDBMSs) have been widely used over decades. On the direction of DB/IR integration, keyword search in relational databases (RDBs) has been extensively studied recently. A keyword search (or a keyword query) in RDBs is specified by a set of keywords to explore the interconnected tuple structures in an RDB that cannot be easily identified using SQL on RDBMSs. In brief, it finds how the tuples containing the given keywords are connected via sequences of connections (foreign key references) among tuples in an RDB. In this talk, we focus on using SQL to compute all the interconnected tuple structures for a given keyword query. First, we show that the current commercial RDBMSs are powerful enough to support such keyword queries in RDBs efficiently using a technique of tuple reduction we proposed. Second, we discuss parallel computing keyword queries on a multicore architecture. Third, we discuss how to compute structural statisitics. Bio: Prof. Jeffrey Xu Yu is a Professor in the Department of Systems Engineering and Engineering Management, the Chinese University of Hong Kong. His current main research interests include keywords search in relational databases, graph mining, graph query processing, and graph pattern matching. Prof. Yu served/serves in over 200 organization committees and program committees in international conferences/workshops. Prof. Yu also served as an associate editor of IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering (2004-2008), and servers in VLDB Journal editorial board and ACM SIGMOD executive committee. He has published over 230 papers including papers published in reputed journals and major international conferences. His personal homepage is: http://www.se.cuhk.edu.hk/people/yu.html.