Peking University, June 15, 2017: The 41st international final of ACM-ICPC (ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest) was held in Rapid City, the United States during May 20th to 25th, 2017.

Peking University delegation awarded silver prize in the final.jpg

Peking University delegation awarded silver prize in the final

Luo Guojie won Coach Award.jpg

Luo Guojie won Coach Award

Peking University delegation during the contest.jpg

Peking University delegation during the contest

The international final of ACM-ICPC.jpg

The international final of ACM-ICPC

Luo Guojie, the coach and also a research fellow of School of Electronics Engineering and Computer Science, led the Peking University delegation made of 3 students, Guo Tiankui, Ji Ruyi and Wang Wentao to achieve a silver medal (7th globally). Also, as Luo has led Peking University Delegation to the international final for 5 times, he won Coach Award.

During the international final, Professor Fu Suiyan, director of Dean’s office, and Professor Li Wenxin, the deputy dean of School of Electronics Engineering and Computer Science attended the symposium of regional contest director. Professor Fu made the progress report of the admission of holding the international final of Peking University in 2018.

Vice President Gao Song made a speech on the closing ceremony, on behalf of Peking University, the organizer of the 42nd international final. He also welcomed university students around the world to Beijing, China, to ignite the brainstorm.

The contest is now a serial events of the 120th anniversary of Peking University, and will take place from April 16th to 20th, 2018.

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Founded in 1970, ACM-ICPC aims at revealing creativity, teamwork spirit, and ability on programming, analyzing and resolving problems under pressure comprehensively. It has become the most influential computer science competition for university students in the world after 40-year’s development, and is known as the Olympics in the field of computer and software. In the 2017 competition, more than 46000 contestants from nearly 3000 higher education institutions of 6 continents, 103 countries and regions took part in the regional preselection. 133 delegations passed the selection and certificated to join the international final, including 18 delegations from institutions of China mainland, Macau, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

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(Source: 120th Anniversary of Peking University News)