Shimin Hou, Professor of School of Electronics and Dean of School of Electronics Engineering and Computer Science, Peking University

Under the new situation that Peking University accelerates the construction of new engineering, cultivates excellent innovative talents, enhances the competitive strength of science and technology, and serves the national development strategy, the School of Electronics Engineering and Computer Science takes the development of top innovative talents in information majors of Peking University as the "link" and closely unites the School of Electronics, the School of Computer Science, the School of Integrated Circuits and the School of Intelligence. The School of Electronics Engineering and Computer Science intends to explore the paradigm of cultivating high-level talents with a more perfect mechanism and a better model for the construction of new engineering in Peking University and leads to build a new engineering innovative talents highland with "world class, Chinese characteristics and Peking University style".

Talent cultivation is the core mission of universities. The quality and the level of undergraduate education determine the improvement of knowledge basis and innovation ability of future talents as well as the shaping of scientific spirit and engineering thinking. Based on the philosophy of Peking University of "strengthening fundamentals, promoting interactions, respecting choices and teaching excellence", the School of Electronics Engineering and Computer Science is committed to cultivating students with aspirations into talents with solid fundamentals, outstanding abilities and international perspectives who can serve the national development strategies and take the lead in information technology. In addition, EECS will further enhance the contribution of information disciplines such as electronic science and technology, computer science and technology, software engineering, integrated circuit science and engineering, artificial intelligence, and information and communication engineering to the talent cultivation system as well as continue to exert the irreplaceable influence of "the power of Information Science of Peking University".