Turing Class

In 2017, Peking University officially established the "Turing Class", which is committed to cultivating the next generation of leaders in computer science for China. The Turing class is jointly founded by the School of Electronics Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) and the School of Computer Science (CS) at Peking University. The Turing Class invites Turing Advisors, including three Turing Award winners, Prof. John Hopcroft, Prof. Manuel Blum and Prof. Silvio Micali, to teach the courses, and to provide guidance and advice on curriculum and construction of the class. Special curriculum and research training program are designed for the class, aiming to build a world-class undergraduate cultivation base, cultivating a new generation of computer scientist/engineers who are solid in both theories and practices. Students who successfully complete the program will receive a "Turing" honorary degree.

Zhi” Class

In 2022, Peking University established the "Intelligence Science and Technology Experimental Class" program (referred to as "Zhi Class"), which is jointly administrated by the School of Electronics Engineering & Computer Science and the School of Intelligence. The "Zhi class" continues the legacy of PKU as the first university in China to offer the undergrad major in intelligent science and technology, and further emphasizes on building a solid foundation for science and technology, in the meanwhile, reaching out to interdisciplinary fields. With upgraded curriculum and extended research practices, the program strives to cultivate a new generation of leaders in intelligent science and AI applications.

“Information” Class

From 2023, the School of Electronics Engineering&Computer Science will establish an experimental class of electronic information science (referred to as “Information” class), with an enrollment of about 30 students for the whole university, and a flexible and advanced curriculum training system will be customized for the students of "Information" class. The students will be awarded an honorary degree certificate upon graduation.