Yang, Yuchao

Assistant Professor

Research Interests: Neuromorphic computing, memristive devices

Office Phone:

Email: yuchaoyang@pku.edu.cn


Yuchao Yang received Ph.D. degree from Tsinghua University in 2010. After that he joined University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, USA as a postdoctoral Research Fellow and was promoted to Senior Research Fellow in 2013. He is now an Assistant Professor and Boya Young Scholar in Institute of Microelectronics, Peking University, and serves as the chief scientist for National Key R&D Program of China. His research interests include memristors, neuromorphic computing, and device physics. He has published >70 papers in high-profile journals such as Nature Electronics, Nature Communications, Advanced Materials, Nano Letters, etc. and 6 book chapters. He was invited to give 26 keynote/invited talks on international conferences and serves as TPC chair or member for 3 international conferences. He is a recipient of the Qiu Shi Outstanding Young Scholar Award, Wiley Young Researcher Award, MIT Technology Review Innovators Under 35 in China, and the Explorer Prize.


v  2019             Explorer Prize

v  2019             Wiley Young Researcher Award

v  2018             MIT Technology Review Innovators Under 35 in China 2018

v  2017             Qiu Shi Outstanding Young Scholar Award

Selected Publications

  1. Jiadi Zhu,# Teng Zhang,# Yuchao Yang,* and Ru Huang,* A Comprehensive Review on Emerging Artificial Neuromorphic Devices. Applied Physics Reviews, accepted. (Invited review)

  2. Jingxian Li, Yuchao Yang,* Minghui Yin, Xinhao Sun, Lidong Li,* and Ru Huang,* Electrochemical and thermodynamic processes of metal nanoclusters enabled biorealistic synapses and leaky-integrate-and-fire neurons. Materials Horizons, DOI: 10.1039/C9MH01206K, 2019. (Front cover)

  3. Yuchao Yang* and Ru Huang, Probing memristive switching in nanoionic devices. Nature Electronics, 1, 274–287 (2018). (Editor Picks)

  4. Jiadi Zhu, Yuchao Yang*, Rundong Jia, Zhongxin Liang, Wen Zhu, Zia Ur Rehman, Lin Bao, Xiaoxian Zhang, Yimao Cai, Li Song & Ru Huang, Ion Gated Synaptic Transistors Based on 2D van der Waals Crystals with Tunable Diffusive Dynamics. Advanced Materials, 30, 1800195, 2018.

  5. Yuchao Yang*, Xiaoxian Zhang, Liang Qin, Qibin Zeng, Xiaohui Qiu* & Ru Huang*, Probing Nanoscale Oxygen Ion Motion in Memristive Systems. Nature Communications 8, 15173 (2017).

  6. Y. Yang, P. Gao, L. Li, X. Pan, S. Tappertzhofen, S. Choi, R. Waser, I. Valov, and W. D. Lu, Electrochemical dynamics of nanoscale metallic inclusions in dielectrics. Nature Communications 5, 4232 (2014).

  7. Y. Yang, P. Gao, S. Gaba, T. Chang, X. Pan, and W. Lu, Observation of Conducting Filament Growth in Nanoscale Resistive Memories. Nature Communications 3, 732 (2012).

  8. Y. C. Yang, F. Pan, Q. Liu, M. Liu, and F. Zeng, Fully room-temperature-fabricated nonvolatile resistive memory for ultrafast and high-density memory application. Nano Letters 9, 1636 (2009).

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  10. Y. Yang, B. Chen, and W. D. Lu, Memristive Physically Evolving Networks Enabling Emulation of Heterosynaptic Plasticity. Advanced Materials 27, 7720-7727 (2015).

  11. Y. Yang, J. Lee, S. Lee, C.-H. Liu, Z. Zhong, and W. Lu, Oxide Resistive Memory with Functionalized Graphene as Built-in Selector Element. Advanced Materials 26, 3693 (2014).

Book Chapters (with 3 other book chapters in Chinese)

  1. Yuchao Yang, Ke Yang and Ru Huang, “Neuromorphic Devices and Networks Based on Memristors with Ionic Dynamics”, in Handbook of Memristor Networks, Georgios Sirakoulis, Andrew Adamatzky and Leon O. Chua (eds.), Springer, 2018.

  2. Y. Yang, W. Lu, “Resistive-Random Access Memory Based on Amorphous Films”, in Nonvolatile Memories: Materials, Devices, and Applications, T. Y. Tseng and S. M. Sze (eds.), American Scientific Publishers, 2012.

  3. Y. Yang, T. Chang and W. Lu, “Memristive Devices: Switching Effects, Modeling, and Applications” in Memristors and Memristive Systems, R. Tetzlaff (ed.), Springer, 2013.

Academic Services

Reviewers for scientific journals including Nature Nanotechnology, Nature Electronics, Nature Communications, Science Advances, Advanced Materials, Nano Letters, Advanced Functional Materials, etc.