Key Laboratory of Machine Perception

Release time:2017-10-02


Key Laboratory of Machine Perception (Ministry of Education) was established in 2007, a cross-disciplinary research institute uniting the key stakeholders at Peking university from disciplinary of computer science, intelligent science, psychology, and cogitative science. In a national level evaluation in 2012, the key lab ranks top among all peer key laboratories supported by the Ministry of Education.

The mission of key laboratory of machine perception is to establish highly intelligent machine perception system. The research at the key lab focuses on the basic and application research in the field of machine perception, intelligent information processing and cognitive science.

Major research areas include:

(1) Cognitive and Perception Mechanism

(2) Machine Perception, Mechanisms of Visual and Auditory Perception

(3) Machine Learning, Fundamentals and Applications

(4) Robots and Automatic Driving

(5) Computational Intelligence and Knowledge Discovery

(6) Digital Media Technology

(7) Visualization and Visual Analytics