Beijing Key Laboratory of Quantum Devices

Release time:2017-10-02


Beijing Key Laboratory of Quantum Devices was established in 2016 at Peking University with Professor XU Hongqi as its founding director. Beijing Key Laboratory endeavors to develop into an exciting research and educational environment in the fields of semiconductor nanostructures, quantum devices, and solid-state based quantum information science and technology. The Key Laboratory intends to attract both internationally renowned scientists and excellent young researchers to work together on the challenging fields. Up to June 2017, its academic staff comprises two chair professors, eight associate professors, and three assistant professors. Among them, there are 1 member of Chinese Academy of Sciences, 1 winner of National Thousand Talents Plan, 1 Changjiang Scholar, two winners of State Major Plan Funding for Basic Research, 2 winners of National Thousand Talents Plan for Distinguished Young Scholars, and two winners of Excellent Young Scholars of NSFC.

The Key Laboratory devotes itself towards solving the key scientific and technology issues in solid-state based quantum devices and quantum information processing. Current research areas include:

(1) Physics and technology of semiconductor nanostructures and 2D materials

(2) Quantum devices made from semiconductor nanostructures and 2D materials

(3) Qubits made from semiconductor quantum dots

(4) Topological superconducting quantum devices and Majorana fermions

(5) Physics and technology of topological quantum computation devices

(6) Strong correlation physics in quantum structures and devices