Engineering Research Center of Digital Hospital System of Ministry of Education

Release time:2017-10-02


The Engineering Research Center of Digital Hospital System, Ministry of Education, China, was established in October of 2013, with the base in Peking University and Peking University People’s Hospital, one of the largest hospitals in China. The Center is associated with Putian Group and Chinese standard institute for a cooperation on the researches, products and applications. This is a platform getting together all resources, developments, engineering, service and products’ transferring in national level. In addition, technical- and management trainings are the important tasks of the center. The major research forcuses on the interdisciplinary area between medical and IT for signal- and information processing, smart sensors, medical imaging, biophysical simulation, data mining to assist applications of medical service and, even, medical diagnosis. Based on the developed techniques, the center has finished several demo systems that are used to explore new medical service modes and enable high level of managements.

All developments are based on internet of medical things with the following directions.

(1) Smart sensors for biological and medical applications

(2) Networking technique for medical information communications

(3) Artificial Intelligence and data mining for medical application

(4) Signal processing and computation for biological systems

(5) Medical Imaging and Biophysical Simulations for Precision Medicine.