Institute of Applied Electronics

Release time:2017-10-02

The Institute of Applied Electronics was founded in 2008. The Institute has 11 faculty members, including 4 full professors, 2 research professors, 3 associate professors, 1 senior engineer, and 1 engineer. Among them, there are 2 Changjiang distinguished professors, 2 recipients of Distinguished Young Scholars of NSFC, and 1 recipient of Excellent Young Scholars of NSFC.

Research at the institute is focused on Electromagnetic fields and microwave technologies, electronic circuits and systems. Major research areas include:

(1) Millimeter and terahertz wave sources and their applications

(2) Computational electromagnetics and its applications

(3) High-resolution electromagnetic imaging and object recognition

(4) Microwave and digital communications

(5) Satellite navigation and positioning.

(6) Electronic circuit and system

(7) Signal detection and process

(8) Microwave frequency transfer and atomic clock

(9) Nonlinear circuits and systems

(10) Electronic/photonic neuromorphic computing.