Wang, Fengqiu

WANG, Fengqiu.jpg

Undergraduate of grade 1999,Wang Fengqiu is currently a professor of Nanjing University, with the title of “Thousands of young people”, and distinguished research fellow of Nanjing University. 

Main achievements: He achieved his PhD. degree in electronic engineering from University of Cambridge in 2009. He has been engaged in the research of information photonic devices, nonlinear optics and ultrafast spectroscopy for many years. He has published more than 50 papers in such publications as Nature, Nanotechnology, Nature, Communications, Advanced, Materials, ACS, NANO, Research, etc. The total number of citations was more than 3000, and 8 of them are cited more than 100. In 2010, Wang was given the silver award from the British Royal Academy of Engineering ERA Foundation. He is also a compiler of Scientific Reports, a well known international comprehensive academic journal.