Research Assistant Professors
The Institute of Quantum Electronics at Peking University has open positions for assistant professors in quantum electronic related research. Requirements include a PhD degree in physics or electronics. The successful applicants must have research background in one of the following fields: the atomic physics, quantum optics or ultrafast optics. Longer than three years of postdoctoral experience, experience obtaining external funding and strong publication record are preferred. The successful applicants will be required to apply for “thousand young talents” project before they are recruited. The initial contract of the employment period will be six years and is possible to convert to tenure track depending on the individual performance. The university will offer competitive salary and relocation and lodging allowance. The applications must be submitted electronically including a cover letter, a complete CV, , publication list, statement of research interest and contacts of three referees to Ms Jingtao Ma at The review process will start by the end of June 2017.  For more information please visit 

北京大学信息学院量子电子学研究所招聘助理教授。应聘者需具有物理学或电子科学与技术专业的博士学位。应聘者还需在以下领域之一有研究经验:原子物理学、量子光学或超快光学。三年以上的海外博士后经历、获得外部研究经费的能力将更有竞争力。应聘者将被要求参加“青年千人计划”的申报。初始聘期是6年,并有机会转为长聘岗位。北京大学将提供有竞争力的工资和住房补贴。应聘者请提供应聘信、简历、发表论文列表、到任后研究计划和三份推荐信。以上材料可以通过电子邮件寄给 马静涛。



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