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    Institute of Electronic Engineering
Main Research Areas
  • System architecture of wireless and satellite communication including VAST, Mobile Communication, wireless LAN, UWB, Ad hoc Network and RFID systems.
  • Theoretical work and hardware tests on communication techniques: access techniques (CDMA, OFDMA), channel CODEC (LDPC and turbo) and others (MIMO and Smart antennas)
  • Microwave technology in telecommunication, Satellite navigation and position
  • Computational Electromagnetics and its applications (EM scattering, antennas, circuits components)
  • Computer-aided electrical circuit system analysis and design, non-linear circuit and system theory, telemetry and remote control, software radio, signal detection and process, electrical system integration, etc;
  • Image processing techniques including development of software and hardware implementations.
  • Ultrasonic detection, Target classification, Transducer and array design, speech coding.
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